Primary & Secondary, Tutor Tr. Mrs. Kalyani

Namaste ! I am Tr Kalyani, I am passionately delivering Tuition Classes to different age groups from the last  20 yrs.  I will be there to help students to fulfill their ambition.


Primary & Above, Tutor Tr. Mrs. Bharati Singh

I am Tr. Bharati Singh, Bed. in Special Education, Certified Phonic Trainer, with 12 Years of academic experience.

In grown-up kids learning pattern may not be the same for all, everyone has a different level of understanding and with the proper educational support after school provide them an opportunity to clear their doubts and confusion with individual attention.

Students can achieve well at school when there is someone to take an interest in their school and schoolwork. Often, the more supported a child feels after school, the more effectively she or he will learn at school.

At my classes I always maintain the adequete Teacher Student Ratio to help students with the required support during the class.