Tutor Tr. Mrs. Sandhya Sonavane

Namaskar! I am Tr. Sandhya Sonavane, B.A. in Sociology. I am a Marathi teacher. I am a native speaker of the Marathi language.

I teach my subject in a very interactive way. Students not only enjoy my class but also learn so many new things. 

To make learning easy for the students I explain all word-to-word meanings during the class. Frequently I call for doubt-clearing sessions with English / Hindi explanations of Marathi words and sentences. 

Every student is given proper attention and I help them solve their queries. I include worksheets, short notes, and explanatory notes in my classes.

As per our scheduled activity, assessments are conducted after each chapter and grammar-topic completion. 

Enroll with us for learning support in Marathi and we'll give our best!!

Thank you.